From Practicing Tradition to Embracing Mobile Ministry

Larry and Paula Bussard

Over the last decade, the faith family known as New Hope Ministries has become motivated to move from simply sitting comfortably on Sundays to surrounding our neighbors in need of care, hope, and God’s love. We clearly see that God’s plan for His Church is to empower us to find the lost and wounded, nurture them to health, equip them for purposeful service and then walk together to embrace others and repeat the process.

We embrace two strategies to accomplish this. First, we fill the space inside our buildings with hope when we open God’s word, extend compassion to each other, build stronger relationships, and love our children and families. We invite our community to come to The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center and Saturday Night Alive to feel accepted, be comforted, and to receive God’s healing.

We equip those who desire to serve to spread out into the community and offer practical help to our neighbors on Sharing Hope Care Teams and Chaplains. We offer food to those confined to home, help to those unable to maintain the exterior of their property, neighbors in emergencies ranging from heroin and addictions, loss of a loved one, victims of crime or trauma, and families in need of financial management training.

The outcomes of this journey are told in the stories of the wounded who have grown strong and now depend on God to fill the voids and meet their needs. They can now extend empathy to the hurting and offer guidance and companionship that reproduces more followers of God’s plans for His children.

Know someone who feels empty and useless? Come to a new kind of hope! Hope built on relationships with God and with people empowered by Him to love, care, and accept you. Move from pain to purpose and from frustration to fulfillment. We want to go with you, friend with friend, on your journey.